Staying true to his design philosophy, David Alan creates jewelry that is soulful and beautiful. Modern styling combined with impeccable Old-World craftsmanship and secret details that only the wearer knows are there, yield elegant and irresistible designs.

From design to manufacture the jewelry is created with the utmost care and respect. Each piece is painstakingly hand-made from scratch in our New York City David Alan Atelier. All of the diamonds and gemstones are chosen with care for their beauty, while being ethically sourced and then set using recycled precious metals.

A deep understanding of design and a love of antique jewelry, art, architecture, fashion and modern industrial design has fine-tuned David Alan's signature style with a level of substantial delicacy that sets his work apart.

David believes working by appointment is more enjoyable and fulfilling for his clients than a retail shopping experience. There are no sales people and no pressure to buy from a case of ready-made jewelry. Every piece, specially made for the wearer, becomes a personal heirloom.

David Alan's patience and deep understanding of clients' needs make the Tailor-made jewelry creation process an unmatched experience. Whether you are a jewelry novice or a seasoned connoisseur with a clear vision, the end result will be a truly exceptional piece of jewelry.