One of the 4Cs, diamond color describes a diamond’s natural hue under controlled lighting and established viewing conditions. Diamonds are graded using the universal GIA color scale, that grades diamonds based on their absence of color on a scale ranging from D-Z.

What Is Diamond Color?

One of the 4Cs to consider when purchasing a diamond is color. Diamond color describes a diamond’s hue under controlled lighting and viewing conditions. In most conditions, a diamond’s value increases based on its lack of color, as chemically pure diamonds have no natural color. The only instance where this isn’t true is when considering a fancy color diamond, which come in rich shades of blue, pink, yellow, orange, to name a few.

Diamond Color Chart

Diamond color is graded using the universal GIA grading scale, which gives diamonds a letter grade from D-Z based on their absence of color. D grade diamonds are colorless, incredibly rare, and very valuable, while Z grade diamonds have a light visible hue, are quite common, and therefore less valuable.

Very Rare ($$$$)

Rare ($$$)

Widely Available ($$) 

Plentiful ($)







Near Colorless


Very Light



Does Diamond Color Really Matter?

Just like any of the 4Cs, diamond color certainly matters when investing in a quality diamond. That being said, you can get away with a lower color grade without it affecting the appearance of the stone to a naked eye. 

What’s The Best Diamond Color?

When considering your quintessential “perfect” diamond, the best and most valuable grade is a D. D color grade diamonds are entirely absent of color.

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