Are Men And Women Ring Sizes The Same?

While men and women use the same ring size scale, men’s and women’s ring sizes differ greatly. Women usually wear a size between 3 and 9, while men wear a size between 8 and 14. Even though men’s and women’s ring sizes differ, a correct fit feels snug and resistant to slipping. 

The Correct Ring Size Is Essential

When buying a new ring for a loved one, or even yourself, the last thing on your mind is often looking for the correct ring size. Afterall, rings can be resized later, right? 

While rings can often be resized, there are a few instances where this isn’t the case. Enlarging your ring size is more difficult than sizing down, and this process can be time-consuming and costly. What’s more? Making sure you have the correct ring size can prolong your ring’s life and avoid future complications. Wearing the correct ring sizes decreases the chances of your ring slipping off your finger and getting damaged or lost. It also decreases the chances of your ring getting stuck on your finger.

Men Vs. Women Ring Sizes

Ring sizes are typically unisex, meaning that men and women share the same ring size scale when shopping for a new ring. That being said, women’s ring sizes commonly run between size 3 and 9, while men’s are between size 8 and 14. 

How To Accurately Measure Ring Size 

The first thing you should consider when accurately sizing your ring is how a correct fit should feel. The correct ring size should struggle slightly to go over the knuckle yet feel comfortable once it lands at the base of your finger. You may feel some resistance when pulling it off your finger which is normal and ideal to get the precise fit.

Ring sizes reflect your finger’s diameter in millimeters, which is an important factor to keep in mind when you or your loved one can’t try on the ring in person. The best way to determine your correct ring size is through a professional consultation with a master jeweler like David Alan. In other cases, here are a few handy tips to keep in mind:

Ring Sizing Tips 

  • Be aware of your knuckle size. If you have large knuckles and slender fingers, you’ll have to consider how easy it is to slide your new ring over your knuckles. If your knuckles are larger in diameter than the rest of your fingers, you may have to size up. 
  • Use the string method. Trying to determine your ring size from home? Tying a string around your finger and measuring the length of your loop in millimeters. Then, use a ring size chart to determine your ring size. For example, if your loop is about 17 millimeters long, your size is likely a 7. 
  • Use a printable ring size chart. This method works best if you’re buying a new ring for a loved one, and it’s a surprise. If you have access to your loved one’s favorite ring, match that ring to one on the chart to determine the correct ring size. 
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